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chasing cars .

She treads carefully into the room. Her head knows she’s approaching dangerous territory. His transplant had successfully worked, this time. What would happen the next time? She didn’t want to become too attached, but her heart was inclined to disagree with her.

She is the light of his life. The fact that it is the biggest cliché ever, doesn’t stop it from being true. Even though he loathed residing in the hospital, seeing her was the best part of his day. He smiled, wrapping an arm around her as she climbed into the hospital bed.

She dug her face deeper into his chest. She couldn’t describe the depth ness of her feelings for him. They ran way deeper than her feelings for Alex. She just couldn’t explain whatever it was about Denny that made her heart accelerate.

*I didn't want to end it here, but I didn't know what else to add.


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