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chasing cars .

Veronica sighed as walked into the apartment that she shared with her father. Throwing her car keys on the kitchen counter, she grabbed a bagel and started picking at it. She wasn’t really all that hungry. She blamed her lack of an appetite on her argument with Duncan.

She just didn’t understand him sometimes.

Veronica understood that Duncan was grieving over Meg’s death. She was of course, his girlfriend once upon a time. She noticed that it affected him more than she wanted to admit.

Standing up, she walked over to the refrigerator to get a glass of milk. Before putting her hand on the door handle, she noticed her father’s handwriting on a Post-It note.

I went out with Alicia for dinner. I left 20 dollars out on the table for takeout. I love you.


“Thank god for Wallace.” Veronica said aloud to herself. These past few weeks without him have been hell to say the least. Though the situation isn’t completely rectified, things are bearable.


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