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“Well, secrets are kind of hot too.” A voice said from behind Veronica and Duncan’s lunch table.
Startled, they both turned around only to be confronted by Logan.

“They are even more hotter when they don’t include you.” Veronica responded with a snide remark.

“Oh, I do love it when you’re a bitch.” Logan clapped his hands together.

“I do love it when you’re not here.” Veronica rolled her eyes and turned her attention back towards Duncan. “Do you know what you’re going to do about your situation?”

“It’s not a situation, Veronica.” Duncan angrily grumbled at his girlfriend. “This is a child. More precisely, my child.”

“I understand that, Duncan.” Veronica sighed, feeling that her attempts to get through to Duncan were proving to be futile. “You can barely manage with a plastic doll, let alone the real thing.”

“You know, I could make an inappropriate remark….” Logan began, his mind wandering off to various places.

Veronica and Duncan proceeded to give him an icy stare.

“I think I’ll save my sexual innuendo’s for Trina.” Logan smirked at his own joke, and than continued to walk towards Dick and Cassidy’s table.

“Duncan….”Veronica began to try reasoning with her stubborn boyfriend.

“Whatever, Veronica.” Duncan grunted heatedly, and than proceeded to walk off in the direction of his car.


Veronica skipped the Future Business Leaders of America Club. Duncan had obviously cut out of school after that scene at lunch.

She proceeded to walk out of the Neptune High building and towards her car. She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going, but her feet lead her to Logan.

“Watch it, buttercup.” Logan said condescendingly. “People may start to suspect something.”

“Maybe that’s what she wants.” Dick chuckled at his attempt at wit.

“Logan, can we talk in private?” Veronica smiled, gritting her teeth. “Somewhere a Dick isn’t around.”

“Was that a dig at me, Mars?” Dick growled, his anger heightening.

“Cool it, Tony.” Logan rolled his eyes at his clueless friend. “Save the rumble for later.”

Dick lingered his gaze on Veronica for about 10 more seconds before he walked away.

“Why do I feel like I just reenacted a scene from West Side Story?” Veronica asked, astounded at Dick’s lameness.

“What’s up, Veronica?” Logan asked bluntly, completely ignoring her previous question.

“Have you heard from Duncan at all?” Veronica sighed, hating to have to finally turn to Logan for answers.
“Since his little performance at lunch?” Logan questioned, jokingly. “He should’ve won an Academy Award for that fine representation of a lost and lonely teenage father.”

“Logan….” Veronica began, her patience wearing thin.

“Trust me, Veronica.” Logan continued, enjoying tormenting her. “I know good, quality work when I see it. You know, considering who my father is and all.”


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